Portier Post-Chemistry Daily Care Kit (3x 250ml)
INDICATED FOR THE PERIOD AFTER KERATIN AND OTHER CHEMICALS The formula is rich in protein and vegetable oils.Deep nourishment and improved combing.Hair with a fascinating natural motion. Portier Maintenance is suitable for hair care in the post-chemical period.Rich in vegetable oils...
566 kr
Ciclos B-TOX Mask - Volume control (1kg)
SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES Promotes the reduction of hair volume and intense hydration.Prevents wire mass loss.Hair with shine, silkiness, and softness. Portier B-tox promotes an intense reconstruction of the strand and reduces hair volume.It transports proteins and amino acids...
716 kr
Portier Unique Hair Alignment - Brazilian Keratin (1L)
BRAZILIAN KERATIN - INDICATED FOR HAIR FINE AND SENSITIVE Hair alignment in one application step.Dispensing prewash.High power reconstruction and hydration. Unique Portier is an innovative capillary alignment for thin and sensitive hair.It provides a powerful restoration and prevents effectively the aging...
1 423 kr
Portier CBA Hair Realignment - Brazilian Keratin (2x1L)
INDICATED FOR ALL HAIR TYPES Formulated with the Cannabinoid Active System.First alignment to the CBA base in Brazil. High absorption and performance in the realignment process. Portier CBA Preparatory Shampoo for Professional Use. It has a balanced pH and actives...
1 328 kr
Breu Branco Shower Oil - Natura Ekos (100ml)
Moisturise and fragrance your skin while you shower with Ekos Breu Branco shower oil and its extraordinary aromatic powers, sacred to the Amazonian people. - Softens and nourishes the skin- Skin is left looking silky and feeling as soft as...
205 kr
Be(m)dita Ghee Capillary Schedule - 3 Small Hair Masks KIT (100g)
Kit contains 3 Hair Masks for a complete and perfect Capillary Schedule: 1 - Be(m)dita Ghee Vegetable Butter Moisturizing Mask - Banana (100g) Moisturizing mask for dry, dull, and lifeless hair. Its vegetable components of Banana, Aloe Vera, and Algae...
477 kr 429 kr
Color Express Fun Fancy Red Hair Toner (100ml)
The Color Express Fun Fancy Red Hair Toner was developed for those who don't give up vibrant colors and a coloring that hydrates the hair does not harm the strands and is free of ammonia and oxidants. What is the...
227 kr 195 kr
Color Express Fun Pink Show Hair Toner (100ml)
The Color Express Fun Pink Show Hair Toner was developed for those who don't give up vibrant colors and a coloring that hydrates the hair does not harm the strands and is free of ammonia and oxidants. What is the...
227 kr 195 kr
Spray Coco Day After #todecacho (300ml)
Hair Spray to revive curls in the days following hair washing (Day After). It has PROFIX technology that guarantees hydration, strength, and health for curls, in addition to instantly revitalizing the curls for prolonged definition. What are the main assets?It...
185 kr
Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner #Todecacho (300ml)
Conditioner with Apple Cider Vinegar that provides intense capillary reconstruction and shine, in addition to facilitating the detangling of strands. For which hair types? Wavy, Curly, or Coily hair (2ABC - 3ABC - 4ABC) Recommended for: Damaged, dull, and tangled hair. Also...
188 kr
Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo #Todecacho (300ml)
Shampoo with Apple Cider Vinegar ensures the regeneration of hair fibers, prolonged hydration, shine, and frizz control. It also has effective and exclusive PROFIX technology that guarantees strength and health for curls! For which hair types? Wavy, Curly, or Coily hair...
198 kr
Apple Cider Vinegar Curls Activator #todecacho (300ml)
 #todecacho Curls Activator has PROFIX technology that provides maximum definition, frizz control, and soft and hydrated curls. Guarantees 72 hours of full definition and shine. Its main assets are apple cider vinegar, which gives intense shine to the hair and...
188 kr
Castanha Scrub Pulp - Natura Ekos (200g)
SOFT, RADIANT, AND REGENERATED SKIN Enriched with Castanha oil, this uniquely formulated body scrub gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells using natural ingredients such as cane sugar and flax seed powder. Skin is soft, delicately fragranced, and ready for...
283 kr
Andiroba Massage Oil - Natura Ekos (100ml)
A light-textured massage oil formulated with Andiroba oil from the Amazon, known for its therapeutic properties, for a moment of intense relaxation and deliciously scented with aromatic woody notes of Andiroba. This massage oil is formulated with Andiroba oil, an...
253 kr
Baby Foaming Soap Head-To-Toe Relaxing Fragrance - Mamãe e Bebê (200ml)
Foaming soap that has a relaxing scent combining chamomile and lavender. The bath is a small but meaningful daily care moment that can help bond parent and baby, as well as provide a pleasant experience for the baby. This vegan...
174 kr
Baby Cologne Relaxing Fragrance - Mamãe e Bebê (100ml)
Baby cologne that has a soothing scent combining chamomile and lavender. This vegan, alcohol-free baby cologne contains only the essentials for the baby’s sensitive skin and can be used from the first day of life. Its relaxing fragrance combines the soothing...
273 kr
Creamy And Exfoliating Soaps Set 1B - Natura Ekos (4x100g)
Natura Ekos soaps are made in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, using 100% plant-based oils. Their rich, creamy lather gently cleanses the skin while retaining its natural moisture. Skin is soft and delicately scented. SET 4 SOAPS: - Buriti...
221 kr
Frescor Castanha Eau de toilette - Natura Ekos (75ml)
Let Frescor Castanha envelop you in its tender embrace. Its wonderfully pleasant eau de toilette fragrance combines the freshness of freshly picked fruit with the comfort and warmth of Castanha milk on a musky base. This perfume takes you on an olfactory journey to the heart of the...
369 kr
Frescor Maracujá Eau de toilette - Natura Ekos (75ml)
Treat yourself to a dose of exotic, tangy freshness with this Frescor Maracujá eau de toilette, made with Maracujá oil from the Amazon. Its intensely fruity, vibrant, and slightly acidic notes make it the perfect eau de toilette to refresh...
369 kr
Rapunzel Anti Hair Fall Shampoo (250ml)
A rejuvenating shampoo that provides a cooling sensation while penetrating the scalp and stimulating blood circulation. Activates hair follicles promoting hair growth and avoiding the first stages of hair loss. Voluminous hair and balanced scalp. With botanical active ingredients that strengthen...
140 kr
SOS Cachos Coconut Conditioner (300ml)
S.O.S Cachos Coconut Conditioner promotes hydration for curly and frizzy hair in addition to having a powerful formula that acts mainly on the recovery of the strands, making them much healthier, controlled, shiny, sealed, and strong. It can also be...
185 kr 159 kr
SOS Cachos Coconut Shampoo (300ml)
S.O.S Cachos Coconut Shampoo rescues the health and hydration of curls and waves. Its formula acts mainly in the cleaning and recovery of the strands, making them healthier, and strong. It can also be used on adults and children from...
185 kr 159 kr
SOS Cachos Coconut Curling Cream (300ml)
Deep Treatment Coconut Curling Cream restores the health and shine of curly and frizzy hair. Its assets promote intense hydration and help in the recovery of the strands, making them much healthier, nourished, and strong. In addition, it ensures detangling,...
170 kr 155 kr
Nourishing Bar Shampoo (50g)
Bar shampoo for more nourished and healthier hair. Vegan, economical, sustainable, of natural origin, and eco-conscious. It's free of aggressive chemicals and ideal for the daily care of your strand. It's economical and practical, great to take on trips. The...
193 kr

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