Spray Coco Day After #todecacho (300ml)

Salon Line
185 kr

Hair Spray to revive curls in the days following hair washing (Day After). It has PROFIX technology that guarantees hydration, strength, and health for curls, in addition to instantly revitalizing the curls for prolonged definition.

What are the main assets?
It has coconut oil and coconut milk in its formula that guarantee extreme nutrition, radiant shine, and also combat frizz.

For which hair types?
Wavy, Curly, or Coily hair (2ABC - 3ABC - 4ABC)

What is the indication?
Dry hair, hair with frizz, and also for those who are in hair transition from chemical/mechanical straightening to naturally curly hair.

Shake well before use!
Spray the product at any time of the day, strand by strand, spreading with your hands or with a comb. Do not rinse.
Does not contain: sulfate, petrolatum, silicone, mineral oil, paraffin, and parabens. Suitable for those who follow Low-poo and No-poo methods.
Vegan and Cruelty-free
Spray Coco Day After #todecacho (300ml)
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