Maracuj√° Triple Phase Shower Oil - Natura Ekos (200ml)
For hydrated and fragranced post-shower skin! This moisturizing shower oil is an invitation to a ritual of well-being and relaxation, to moisturize, perfume, and soothe the skin. Formulated with  Maracujá oil from Amazonia, it forms a protective layer on the...
262 kr
Baby Foaming Soap Head-To-Toe Relaxing Fragrance - Mamãe e Bebê (200ml)
Foaming soap that has a relaxing scent combining chamomile and lavender. The bath is a small but meaningful daily care moment that can help bond parent and baby, as well as provide a pleasant experience for the baby. This vegan...
174 kr
Sold Out
Andiroba Triple Phase Shower Oil - Natura Ekos (200ml)
An invitation to well-being and relaxation! The 3 phases of this oil blend together to give you an extraordinary sensory experience. This triple-phase oil is formulated with pure, unrefined Andiroba oil, an ancient Amazonian ingredient known for its skin-repairing properties....
262 kr
Baby Liquid Soap Head-To-Toe - Mamãe e Bebê (200ml)
The bath, that huge little moment in baby care, further strengthens bonds of love. The vegan formula of the liquid soap shampoo contains only the essentials to clean a baby’s sensitive skin gently and delicately. It does not dry out...
174 kr
Maracuj√° Exfolianting Shower Gel - Natura Ekos (185ml)
This vegan shower gel is formulated with Maracuj√° oil, the Brazilian passion fruit. Rich in essential fatty acids, Maracuj√° oil has nourishing properties and a delicate, fruity, tangy, and extremely refreshing fragrance, for a pure moment of relaxation in the...
165 kr
Maracuj√° Body Lotion - Natura Ekos (400ml)
Enriched with Passion Fruit oil harvested sustainably by local communities in the Amazon, this 100% vegan body lotion provides long-lasting hydration and an anti-stress* effect on the skin. It strengthens the skin barrier and soothes and softens the skin, leaving...
293 kr
Creamy And Exfoliating Soaps Set 1A - Natura Ekos (4x100g)
Natura Ekos soaps are made in the heart of the Amazon, using 100% plant-based oils. Their rich, creamy lather leaves your skin soft and delicately scented. SET 4 SOAPS: -Açaí Soap: Enriched with Açaí oil with energizing properties. A light fragrance...
221 kr
Breu Branco Shower Oil - Natura Ekos (100ml)
Moisturise and fragrance your skin while you shower with Ekos Breu Branco shower oil and its extraordinary aromatic powers, sacred to the Amazonian people. - Softens and nourishes the skin- Skin is left looking silky and feeling as soft as...
205 kr
Castanha Scrub Pulp - Natura Ekos (200g)
SOFT, RADIANT, AND REGENERATED SKIN Enriched with Castanha oil, this uniquely formulated body scrub gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells using natural ingredients such as cane sugar and flax seed powder. Skin is soft, delicately fragranced, and ready for...
283 kr
Baby Cologne Relaxing Fragrance - Mamãe e Bebê (100ml)
Baby cologne that has a soothing scent combining chamomile and lavender. This vegan, alcohol-free baby cologne contains only the essentials for the baby’s sensitive skin and can be used from the first day of life. Its relaxing fragrance combines the soothing...
273 kr
Creamy And Exfoliating Soaps Set 1B - Natura Ekos (4x100g)
Natura Ekos soaps are made in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, using 100% plant-based oils. Their rich, creamy lather gently cleanses the skin while retaining its natural moisture. Skin is soft and delicately scented. SET 4 SOAPS: - Buriti...
221 kr
Frescor Maracuj√° Eau de toilette - Natura Ekos (75ml)
Treat yourself to a dose of exotic, tangy freshness with this Frescor Maracuj√° eau de toilette, made with Maracuj√° oil from the Amazon. Its intensely fruity, vibrant, and slightly acidic notes make it the perfect eau de toilette to refresh...
369 kr
Sold Out
Creamy Soaps Set From Amazon - Natura Ekos (4x100g)
Natura Ekos soaps are made in the heart of the Amazon, using 100% plant-based oils. Their rich, creamy lather leaves your skin soft and delicately scented. 4 soaps set: -Ucuuba Soap: Enriched with Ucuuba butter with repairing properties -Andiroba Soap:...
221 kr
Baby Body Lotion - Mamãe e Bebê (200ml)
After a bath, moisturizing the baby's skin is the perfect time for a massage, a cuddle, and to help the baby grow up more confident, peaceful, and happy. This moisturizing body lotion with a vegan formula contains only the essentials...
228 kr
Castanha Foot Cream - Natura Ekos (75g)
Intense nourishment and hydration for extremely soft feet: this is the promise of this foot cream, rich in Castanha oil and Cupuaçu butter. These two Amazonian ingredients combine to comfort and soothe rough, dry, and even cracked skin.  
208 kr
Castanha Hand Cream - Natura Ekos (75g)
A real pleasure for the skin, this hand cream is formulated with plant-based oils and butter from Amazonian biodiversity. Castanha, sustainably harvested by local communities in the heart of the Amazonia rainforest, yields an extremely nourishing and protein-rich oil. It...
208 kr
Baby Cologne - Mamãe e Bebê (100g)
A fragrance that conveys love, care, and affection. This vegan formula eau de toilette contains only the essential ingredients for a safe and sweet fragrance. It blends perfectly with the baby's skin: the softness of lavender and bergamot combined with...
273 kr
Andiroba Massage Oil - Natura Ekos (100ml)
A light-textured massage oil formulated with Andiroba oil from the Amazon, known for its therapeutic properties, for a moment of intense relaxation and deliciously scented with aromatic woody notes of Andiroba. This massage oil is formulated with Andiroba oil, an...
253 kr
Frescor Castanha Eau de toilette - Natura Ekos (75ml)
Let Frescor Castanha envelop you in its tender embrace. Its wonderfully pleasant eau de toilette fragrance combines the freshness of freshly picked fruit with the comfort and warmth of Castanha milk on a musky base. This perfume takes you on an olfactory journey to the heart of the...
369 kr
Mum and Baby Discovery Set - Mamãe e Bebê (2x50ml)
This set contains 3 essential Mamãe e Bebê care products in a small size, so you can take them with you and still take care of your baby with lots of love, at home and elsewhere! Love and care are...
230 kr
Maracuja Hand Cream - Natura Ekos (75g)
Comfort, hydration, and lightness for your hands with this soothing hand cream based on Maracuj√° oil from Amazonia. Its light, non-greasy texture penetrates quickly and leaves your hands instantly moisturized. The fruity fragrance of Maracuj√° is fresh and soothing. A...
208 kr
Castanha Body Lotion - Natura Ekos (400ml)
Take a moment to soothe your skin! This hydrating milk combines the nourishing power of oil extracted from the Castanha, the Brazil nut, with the moisturizing properties of Cupuaçu butter from the Amazon. The result: soft, deeply nourished, and deliciously...
293 kr
Castanha Body Butter - Natura Ekos (200g)
A nourishing vegan body butter, rich in Amazonian Castanha oil and vegetable butter, with a creamy and velvety texture to moisturize and soothe dry skin.  This vegan body butter is concentrated in Amazonian Castanha oil, rich in Omega 6 and...
293 kr
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