Rapunzel Hair Growth Tonic (250ml)
Rapunzel is a tonic to reduce hair loss and stimulates hair growth. It works by strengthening the hair follicle so that the root is strong and the hair has a long and healthier life. It promotes healthy, stronger fibers and,...
210 kr
Ricino Hair Strengthening Tonic (100ml)
Tonic that fights hair loss, strengthens and restores the root, and controls oiliness. Hair Strengthening Tonic with Castor Oil, strengthens the entire length of the strands and the hair root, resulting in stronger and shinier hair, and combats hair loss...
153 kr
Pinga! A├žai Oil Pre and Post Chemistries (50ml)
Pinga A├ža├ş is a deeply nourishing hair oil that protects hair color, prevents future damage and repairs split ends. Formulated with organic vegetable oils, it prevents┬ácolor fading, reduces frizz, and adds intense shine. Its light texture is instantly absorbed by...
175 kr
Argan Oil Serum (50ml)
Argan Oil Serum is made to protect your hair against frizz. With a light formula and a dry touch, it helps to control frizz and reduce static electricity, in addition to giving intense shine to the strands. Argan Oil is...
175 kr
Anti-Dandruff Tonic
Tonic helps to eliminate and fight dandruff, irritation, and itching caused by dandruff. Acts from the first application, preventing the reappearance The Capicilin Anti-Dandruff tonic is recommended for all types of hair. Can be used daily for women or men....
116 kr
Breu Branco Shower Oil - Natura Ekos (100ml)
Moisturise and fragrance your skin while you shower with Ekos Breu Branco shower oil and its extraordinary aromatic powers, sacred to the Amazonian people. - Softens and nourishes the skin- Skin is left looking silky and feeling as soft as...
205 kr
Pinga! Carrot & Olive Hair Oil (50ml)
Multifunctional hair oil with Carrot & Olive that recovers the hair fiber, making the hair stronger and healthy. In addition to protecting hair from damage from sunlight, pollution, and wind. Contains heat and sun protection. Perfect for use on the beach or pool....
175 kr
Andiroba Massage Oil - Natura Ekos (100ml)
A light-textured massage oil formulated with Andiroba oil from the Amazon, known for its therapeutic properties, for a moment of intense relaxation and deliciously scented with aromatic woody notes of Andiroba. This massage oil is formulated with Andiroba oil, an...
253 kr
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