Umectação Oliva Intense Nourishing Mask (200g)
Intense Nourishing and Humectation Hair Mask for super dry, damaged, and very frizzy hair. Made with cold-pressed organic olive oil that gives intense hair nutrition. Recovers moisture and reduces frizz providing deep humectation. Makes the hair fiber flexible, soft and...
175 kr
 Rapunzel Hair Growth Tonic (250ml)
Rapunzel is a tonic to reduce hair loss and stimulates hair growth. It works by strengthening the hair follicle so that the root is strong and the hair has a long and healthier life. It promotes healthy, stronger fibers and,...
210 kr
Meu Cacho Minha Vida Shampoo (500g)
 Daily Use Moisturizing Shampoo for Curly Hair. Patauá oil and plant extracts present in its formula promote hair softness, increasing its moisture and natural elasticity. Traditional shampoos remove the natural moisture from the strands, which is why Meu Cacho Minha Vida Shampoo...
222 kr
Meu cacho Minha vida Curling Cream (500g)
Curling cream that promotes hair hydration, facilitates detangling with wet hair, seals the hair cuticles, and ensures healthy hair growth. Leaves curls loose, light, and with natural volume Styling cream is the most important step for a perfect hairstyle. Meu Cacho Minha...
225 kr
Sold Out
Hair Acidifier Densidade pH 3.0/4.0
Formulated to balance the pH of the strands, the acidifying agent in the Densidade cream gives intensive repair and protection against severe damage to the hair. Improves hair resistance, aligns and softens hair cuticles, and helps prevent breakage and hair fall. With a...
155 kr
SOS Cachos Curls Activator Cream (500ml)
ALL THE CARE THAT YOUR HAIR NEEDS!! SOS Curls Activating Cream with Mango Oil activates and defines curls, in addition to controlling frizz and acting as a humidifier. Leave-in conditioner that promotes shine and hydration for curly hair. With UV...
207 kr
Milagre Curling Cream (450g)
Curling cream that facilitates detangling, leaving strands hydrated, smooth, and curls defined. Perfect for daily use as it does not leave hair heavy and greasy. Controlling frizz. It can be used by followers of no-poo and low-poo routines as it has...
225 kr
Day After Definition Gel (320g)
Day After Definition Gel from Salon Line #todecacho has the new and exclusive PROFIX technology that guarantees 72 hours of definition, fixation, and duration of the curls, in other words, an incredible result that provides perfect curls the day after....
185 kr
Ricino Hair Strengthening Tonic (100ml)
Tonic that fights hair loss, strengthens and restores the root, and controls oiliness. Hair Strengthening Tonic with Castor Oil, strengthens the entire length of the strands and the hair root, resulting in stronger and shinier hair, and combats hair loss...
153 kr
Sold Out
Argan Oil Rebuilding Mask (230g)
Rebuilding hair mask rich in rice protein and Argan Oil. Restores damaged areas of the hair cuticle, replenishing amino acids and protecting hair from future damages. Benefits from the first application such as shine, softness, conditioning, resistance, and frizz reduction. ...
166 kr
Rapunzel Anti Hair Fall Shampoo (250ml)
A rejuvenating shampoo that provides a cooling sensation while penetrating the scalp and stimulating blood circulation. Activates hair follicles promoting hair growth and avoiding the first stages of hair loss. Voluminous hair and balanced scalp. With botanical active ingredients that strengthen...
140 kr
SOS Cachos Coconut Curling Cream (300ml)
Deep Treatment Coconut Curling Cream restores the health and shine of curly and frizzy hair. Its assets promote intense hydration and help in the recovery of the strands, making them much healthier, nourished, and strong. In addition, it ensures detangling,...
170 kr 155 kr
Vintage Girls Straightening Cream (100g)
An advanced straightening formula that combines innovative technology with Argan oil, which protects hair fiber while smoothing and relaxing the hair. Through the strand test, you will check the ideal action time of Lola Vintage Girls suitable for your hair type and if your strands are...
150 kr
Pinga! Açai Oil Pre and Post Chemistries (50ml)
Pinga Açaí is a deeply nourishing hair oil that protects hair color, prevents future damage and repairs split ends. Formulated with organic vegetable oils, it prevents color fading, reduces frizz, and adds intense shine. Its light texture is instantly absorbed by...
175 kr
Be(m)dita Ghee Nourishing Hair Butter - Pineapple & Bacuri (350g)
Nourishing Mask for thin and porous hair. For hair with a lot of frizz, rough, and a very dry appearance. Ghee Nutrition promotes the replacement of healthy oils and nutrients to the hair. Removes the porous and dry appearance of...
249 kr
Morte S√ļbita Moisturizing KIT
Morte S√ļbita¬†means "Sudden Death" of dry and damaged hair! Daily hair care¬†kit for dry, damaged, or chemically treated hair. It restores hair moisture and guarantees a deeply nourishing treatment for dry and dull hair. Rich in Aloe Vera extract and...
573 kr 519 kr
Apple Cider Vinegar Curls Activator #todecacho (300ml)
 #todecacho Curls Activator has PROFIX technology that provides maximum definition, frizz control, and soft and hydrated curls. Guarantees 72 hours of full definition and shine. Its main assets are apple cider vinegar, which gives intense shine to the hair and...
188 kr
Vintage Girls Straightening Cream (850g)
An advanced straightening formula that combines innovative technology with Argan oil, which protects hair fiber while smoothing and relaxing the hair. Through the strand test, you will check the ideal action time of Lola Vintage Girls suitable for your hair type and if your strands are...
368 kr
Gelatina Super Fixation Gel (300g)
Gelatin Gel for Super Fixation provides curls with intense definition, extreme fixation, and extra shine. Contains UV protection. Gelatin #todecacho Super Fixação has linseed and D-panthenol in its formula that guarantees deep hydration and softness to curls. It has the...
185 kr
Meu Cachinho Conditioner Kids (250g)
Conditioner for curly kids. Gives defined, light, and soft curls. Benefits: With 98% ingredients of natural origin, infused with Aloe Vera Extract and Calendula. It is certified as a natural product. Contains the essential oil of Bergamot. The Bergamot essential...
184 kr
Meu Cacho Minha Vida Conditioner (500g)
Daily use conditioner that moisturizes and seals the hair cuticle of curly, wavy, dehydrated, brittle, difficult-to-manage hair. Rich in Patauá oil and plant extracts, it is an excellent conditioning and restorative treatment for any type or texture of curls.
222 kr
Be(m)dita Ghee Capillary Schedule - 3 Hair Masks KIT (350g)
Kit contains 3 Hair Masks for a complete and perfect Capillary Schedule: 1 - Be(m)dita Ghee Vegetable Butter Moisturizing Mask - Banana (350g) Moisturizing mask for dry, dull, and lifeless hair. Its vegetable components of Banana, Aloe Vera, and Algae...
747 kr 672 kr
Argan Oil Serum (50ml)
Argan Oil Serum is made to protect your hair against frizz. With a light formula and a dry touch, it helps to control frizz and reduce static electricity, in addition to giving intense shine to the strands. Argan Oil is...
175 kr
Morte S√ļbita Intensive Moisturizing Hair Mask (450gr)
Morte S√ļbita¬†means "Sudden Death" of dry and damaged hair! Weekly intensive hair mask for dry, damaged, or chemically treated hair.¬†¬†Suitable for all hair types. Excellent Hair Mask to use after coloring hair or when using other chemicals. It has a...
220 kr

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